Recharter Now for 2018!!!

Post date: Nov 14, 2017 3:57:26 PM

It’s time for Pack 693 to think about scouting in 2018! In order for the Pack Committee to do that, they need to know who will be coming back for another fun-filled year of scouting with Pack 693.What is Re-chartering? It is a simple process between Pack 693 and our chartered organization Holy Covenant UMC to re-establish Pack 693 as a unit with the Boy Scouts of America. It includes a review of Pack needs, the role of our sponsor organization, and a discussion about pack leadership additions, replacements, and recognition. Also included in this process is membership renewal for all scouts and leaders.

What do I need to do to re-charter?

    1. Verify your Annual Pack Fee has been paid (our treasurer can assist you if you are unsure). Remember, this year your annual pack fee includes the annual membership fee ($33/year) so no additional money is required if you have paid your pack fee. If you have not paid your pack fee and are unable to do so, please talk to our Committee Chair to make alternative arrangements.

    2. Determine if you would like to receive the Boys’ Life Magazine. This is an additional $12 cost (not included in pack fee). Visit for more information about Boys’ Life. If you elect to receive the Boys’ Life Magazine, please see the Pack Treasurer to Pay

    3. Complete the Online Recharter Form Here

    4. Complete and Submit to the Pack Secretary your annual Medical Form (Parts A&B) and Permission slip. These forms can be downloaded from the Forms & Documents section of our website. In order to provide better care for those who may become ill or injured at a Pack event, Pack 693 requires a medical form to be on file for all family members participating in Pack events. Per BSA policy & HIPAA regulations, medical forms cannot be accepted electronically (i.e. text, email, etc).

    5. Let the Committee Chair know if you would like to register as a leader to help the Pack.

    6. Your recharter for 2018 is Complete!

Please Complete the Recharter Process No Later than December 1st!