Popcorn Blitz Day This Saturday!

Post date: Sep 13, 2017 1:32:46 PM

Robert "Popcorn Guy" Moore

Statistics show that Scouts sell more per hour going door-to-door than any other method. As a parent, your time is valuable and precious. We have work, family, religious, Scout, and other responsibilities all requiring our time. These reasons are why we are trying something new this year as a Pack by having two Blitz Days.Blitz Days are a coordinated door-to-door selling event. The purpose of the Blitz Day is to provide an opportunity for every member of the Unit to go out and sell door-to-door for a set period of time on a set day, typically 2-3 hours. At the end of the set time, Scouts meet back at a designated location for a wrap up.

There are different kinds of Blitz Days. This year we are starting wi

th a Product Blitz Day for our first Blitz:

Product Blitz Days – Scouts go door-to-door selling product in teams of 2-3 Scouts (1 Scout goes down each side of the road). One parent will be following Scouts in their vehicle which has the product. When they sell the product to a person at the door, they collect the funds through cash or check, go back to the vehicle to get the product, and deliver it to the customer. The biggest advantage is parents and Scouts complete the transaction all at one time (think time savings!). This is time well spent.

When your Scout goes to the door, he does his normal sales pitch. However, he adds the line “I happen to have this product on me today” pointing to the products you have in our vehicle. 80% of the time the customer will buy the product you have on-hand. Our goal is for the product you carry on-hand to be $20 or higher so you have the best chance to maximize your sales time!

This is a new way for us as a pack to sell popcorn, so it will be a learning opportunity for all of us! If you have any ideas on how to improve it, certainly let the leaders know!

Where: Walmart Neighborhood Market (4025 Old Denton Road, Carrollton, TX)

When: Saturday, September 16th 10 am-12 noon

Uniform: Wear your Field (blue or Tan Uniform). For our new Scouts wear Scout appropriate attire. You want to look your best. We will pair you up with a Scout in uniform.