Police Station Visit

Post date: Jun 21, 2017 4:32:52 PM

Friday, June 23, 2017 from 7pm-8pm we will be having a Pack 693 Police Station Visit at the North Central Police Station. Please bring your Scouts so they can learn more about our local Police Department and Police Officers. The tour will start promptly at 7pm, so please be sure to be there on time and prepare your Scout to ask questions and then help them write a thank you letter to the police officer they ask question of.

Please wear your Field/Class A/Blue Uniforms to this event.

Address of Visit and to send Thank-You Letters:

North Central Police Station

6969 McCallum Blvd.

Dallas, TX 75252

The following activity requirements can be accomplished with this visit:

Tiger Adventure: Safe and Smart

  • Requirement #9: Visit an emergency responder station, or have an emergency responder visit you.

Wolf Adventure: Council Fire

  • Requirement #3: With your parent or guardian's permission, talk to a military veteran, law enforcement officer, member of the fire department, or someone else approved by your Den Leader. Talk about his or her service to the community or country. After you have visited with the individual, write a short thank-you note.

Wolf Adventure: Hometown Heroes

  • Requirement #2: Visit a community agency where you will find many heroes. While there, find out what they do.

  • Requirement #3: With the help of a family member, interview one of your heroes, and share what you learn with your den. Tell why you think this person is a hero.

Bear Adventure: Paws for Action

  • Requirement #3: With your school or den, visit a local sheriff's office, police station, or fire department. Find out what skills the officers use to do their jobs. Ask questions that will help you learn how to stay safe.

Bear Adventure: Forensics

  • Requirement #4: Visit the sheriff's office or police station in your town. Find out how officers collect evidence.

Webelos Adventure: First Responder

  • Requirement #8: Visit with a first responder.

Webelos/AoL Adventure: Build My Own Hero

  • Requirement #1: Discover what it means to be a hero. Invite a local hero to meet with your den.

Arrow of Light Adventure: Building a Better World

  • Requirement #3: Discuss the term "rule of law" and talk about how it applies to you in your everyday life.

  • Requirement #4: Meet with a government or community leader, and learn about his or her role in your community. Discuss with the leader an important issue facing your community.

This event will also count for 1/3 of the National Summertime Pack Award Pin for all Cub Scouts of any rank.