Camp Card Sale 2018

Post date: Jan 19, 2018 7:39:19 PM

The Camp Card Sale is one of two main fundraisers Pack 693 does each year. Each card will sell for $10 and has multiple offers for discounts to various locations in DFW. The card will pay for itself by using the three attached one time use coupons. Total value is $19. That includes Albertson's/Tom Thumb, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Snuffer's. The Pack will earn a 50% commission ($5.00) for each card sold.

How will the funds raised be used? The funds raised by your scout will be allocated towards their summer activities. Below are the various ways Camp Cards can be used. For example, to have all of your summer activities and Cub Scout Resident Camp and CTXII paid for, you would need to sell 41 cards. This is very doable! Last year we had scouts sell enough cards to pay for Summer Activities, Twilight Camp and Webelos Resident Camp....that's a savings of almost $300 to the parents!

Pay for Pack Summer Activities (excluding Camps)

Sell 10 Cards (10 x $5.00 credit)

Pay for Cub Scout Resident

Camp (based on early registration)

Sell 21 Cards (21 x $5.00 credit)

Pay for Webelos Resident Camp (based on early registration)

Sell 31 Cards (31 x $5.00 credit)

Pay for CTXII (estimated cost)

Sell 10 Cards (10 x $5.00 credit)

This is a risk free fundraiser; however, every unpaid card must be returned no later than May 6th to avoid incurring a charge.

Please click and complete this form ( to record your request to checkout Camp Cards to sell. The Camp Card Chair will then contact you to schedule delivery of your Camp Cards.