2017-2018 Wolf Den Plan

Post date: Sep 2, 2017 12:06:06 AM

  • Parents, here is the Wolf Den plans for June through May. If you miss Den Meetings and/our Den Outings during these months, you will want to work on these Adventures and Awards at home with your Wolf Cub Scout! We run a Den program where if your Scout comes to every Den Meeting and Outing, he will earn every Required and Elective Wold Adventure Loop, save for the Duty to God Footsteps Wolf Adventure Loop which is worked on together as a family at home. June: Grow Something, Paws of Skill

  • July: Hometown Heroes, Wolf Shooting Sports Awards

  • August: Spirit of the Water, Pack Summertime Award

  • September: Paws on the Path, Collections & Hobbies

  • October: Howling at the Moon, Air of the Wolf

  • November: Council Fire (Duty to Country), Finding Your Way

  • December: Cubs Who Care, World Conservation Award

  • January: Call of the Wild, Code of the Wolf

  • February: Running With the Pack, Germs Alive!

  • March: Motor Away, NOVA Swing!

  • April: Digging in the Past, NOVA Wild!

  • May: Adventures With Coins, Nova Science Everywhere!