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Here is a Uniform Checklist promised to you on Thursday. 
We ask all scouts to have their uniforms by the November Pack Meeting at the latest.  
As a reminder, we are a "Waist Up" unit meaning Scout Pants and Socks are optional.  If you choose not to wear Scout Pants we ask that a nice pair of Jeans be worn.  In addition to the uniform pieces, Closed toed shoes should be worn to all Scouting Events (no flip flops).  This is for safety reasons.

We recommend buying uniforms a size larger.  Your Scout grows fast and this avoids having to purchase a new uniform before he/she switches to a new uniform.  
If you need help sewing patches on, ask around.  There are probably some parents in our pack that are good at this and can help you out!

Lions (Kindergarten)
 Uniform    Est. Price
 Lion Short Sleeve Shirt    $9.99
 Lion Cap $12.99
 Lion Book Kit $9.99
Tiger, Wolf, and Bear (1st-3rd Grade)
 Uniform     Est Price
 Short Sleeve Shirt (Blue) $24.99
 Cub Scout Rank Cap $14.99
 Tiger or Cub Scout Web Belt $9.99
 Neckerchief (Tiger=Orange; Wolf=Gold; Bear=Blue) $9.99
 Neckerchief Slide $5.99
 Council Shoulder Patch $4.49
 World Crest Emblem $2.29
 World Crest Ring $1.99
 Pack Numerals (693) $4.47
 Handbook $16.99

Webelos (4th & 5th Grade)

Webelos have the option to wear the tan uniform shirt or the blue uniform shirt.  If new scout just joining, I recommend getting the tan uniform shirt.  This shirt is the same one worn in the Boy Scout Program, so it will save you a little money long-term.
 Uniform    Est. Price
 Short Sleeve Shirt $24.99-$29.99
 Webelos Cap $17.99
 Plaid Neckerchief $9.99
 Web Belt $9.99
 Webelos Neckerchief Slide $5.99
 Webelos Colors $5.99
 Shoulder Loops (Blue) $3.99
 Council Shoulder Patch $4.49
 World Crest Emblem $2.29
 World Crest Ring $1.99
 Pack Numerals (693) $4.47
 Webelos Handbook $16.99

Where to Buy?

 Location  Address  Phone Number
 Dallas- Circle 10 Council   8605 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas, TX 75235 214-902-2001
 Fairview- Circle 10 Council 5600 US Highway 72 S, Fairview, TX 75069 972-359-9992
 Lewisville- Longhorn Council 2305 TX 121 Bus # 180, Lewisville, TX 75067 972-316-0672
 Goodwill 605 Custer Rd, Plano, TX 75075 214-383-9630
 I have not been here, but told they have good selection of gently used uniforms for about $5.  Give us feedback if you go! 
 Pack Uniform Closet    *we will bring this to our October Pack Event* 

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available to any Scout needing assistance acquiring their uniforms.  This is kept in strict confidentiality.  If you need financial aid, please email the committee chair at committeechair@pack693.org with your request and uniform sizes and we will get the request submitted to council offices on your behalf.