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Scouting believes in the principle that Scouts should "Earn Their Way" to fund their Scouting Adventure.  Doing so teaches Scouts valuable skills that will help them in their adult lives.  Skills learned from selling popcorn (such as Being Prepared, looking professional, knowing your product, and keeping your eye on the goal) can help your  son with his first interview many years down the road!
Our Pack Sales Goal is $15,000!

By reaching our Pack Sales Goal, the Council will award the Pack an additional 3% Bonus in Commission.  This additional bonus money can be utilized to further reduce your out of pocket expenses for the Scouting Season, as Pack 693 strives to provide the very best Scouting Program for your son. 

To help reach our Sales Goal, each scout is asked to sell $460 worth of popcorn - and they won't have to pay the Pack Fee.  Concerned about selling this much popcorn?  It's really not too difficult, but feel free to contact our Popcorn Kernel or Committee Chair to discuss how easy it is to sell popcorn!

Benefits to Your Scout and Family:
  • Teaches Scouts the value & process of setting and working toward goals
  • Gives Scouts a strong sense of accomplishment through recognition
  • Enhances communication, leadership skills and confidence in your Scout
  • Scouts can earn valuable rewards
  • Scouts can earn their own way in the scouting program
  • Reduced or no out of pocket Pack Fee Expense!

Benefits to the Pack:
To fund our operations and events, Pack 693 requires each Scout to contribute a Pack Fee.  This Pack Fee is set by the Pack Committee after careful consideration of the Pack's finances, number of active Scouts, and events planned for the year.  Some things the Pack Fee Covers are:

  • Annual Scout Registration Fee
  • Annual Leader Registration Fee
  • Leader Training and Materials
  • Awards
  • Pinewood Derby Kits
  • Pack Meeting Activities
  • Den Expenses
  • Camping Equipment (Tables, Stoves, Lanterns, etc)
  • Food & Supplies for Campouts
  • Operational Supplies & Equipment (including this website)
As a parent, you are encouraged to request a copy of the Pack's annual budget to have a better understanding of how the funds are allocated.

Ways to Sell:

Take Orders
  • The Scout with his Akela goes door to door with a Take Order Form.  Take Order Forms are provided during the Popcorn Kickoff.  Additional forms can be requested from the Popcorn Kernel.
  • Trail's End has a phone/Tablet app that replaces the Paper Take Order Form.  This eliminates some of the headaches of making sure we place the correct order and deciphering a customer's handwriting.  For more information Click Here.
  • The customer writes his/her order on the Take Order Form and the Scout collects the money.
  • The Scout processes the order and delivers the Popcorn to the Customer when the popcorn arrives.
  • Collect Money from the Customer up front when you take their order!
  • 100% of Take Order Sales are applied to your Scout's to sales goal
Selling at Work
  • Mom and/or Dad take an order form to their work.
  • Fellow co-workers write their order on the order form and collect the money.
  • Mom and/or Dad deliver product and collect the money when the popcorn arrives.
  • All orders and money must be submitted by the Deadline!
  • 100% of Sales at Work are applied to your Scout's to sales goal
Selling Online
  • The Product is shipped directly from Trail's End Popcorn to the customer and the Scout and Unit receive credit for the Sale.
  • To setup your Online Account, Click Here.  During the Setup process, make sure you select the appropriate unit
    • Council= Circle Ten
    • District= North Star
    • Unit= Pack 693
  • Share your account information with your email contacts and via social media
  • 100% of Online are applied to your Scout's to sales goal.

Selling at Retail Stores
  • The Pack arranges to sell popcorn on different dates at different locations in Carrollton. 
  • Parents are asked to help out at the sale for at least one hour when their scout is present.
  • The proceeds of the sale will benefit all participating scouts equally.
  • Sales are split between Scouts working each sale. 

Key Dates
Popcorn Kickoff
September 6

Sales Begin
August 2

Sale Ends/Money Due
November 1

Popcorn Pick Up
December 2

Show n Sales
Walmart Carrollton (1213 E Trinity Mills)
Sept 15 10a-2p 
Oct 13 10a-2p 
*Just Added* 
Sept 23 10a-2p

Family Video (1000 W Rosemeade Pkwy)
Oct 12 5p-8p

Additional Show n Sale dates will be updated as confirmations received.

Sign up Here to participate in Show n Sale

John Ezell (Popcorn Kernel)

Pack Fee

It costs $150 per scout to run the pack and to provide a quality Scouting program for your Scout each year. To offset this cost, we participate in the Popcorn Sales.

We believe fundraising teaches valuable lessons such as Communication, Salesmanship, and Goal Setting that will help him later in life.  We understand the time commitment to fundraise may not be feasible for some families, so parents or other family members may wish to cover the pack fee from their own funds.  Whatever the case, we ask that each family is diligent about paying the pack fee, so we can execute our Scouting Calendar this year without asking you for further funds.

Since the Pack Fee includes BSA Membership Fees (Recharter) for the next calendar year, we ask that every family (choosing not to participate in popcorn sales) commits to having the Pack Fee paid in Full by the December Pack Meeting in order to recharter with the pack for the upcoming Calendar year.  If you are unable to pay the Pack Fee in full by the December Pack meeting, please contact the Committee Chair or Pack Treasurer to make alternative arrangements.

John Ezell,
May 23, 2017, 9:02 AM