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Webelos Woods Summary

posted Oct 8, 2018, 7:44 AM by James Abolos

We had great attendance for Webelos Woods this year.  In fact, Pack 693 had one of the largest groups there!  For many of you this was your first time camping with us, you all did wonderful!  I thought I'd share with you what we were able to accomplish this weekend.

Scouting's founder, Lord Baden Powell, once said "Scouting is Playing Games with a Purpose."  That is exactly what we did this weekend!

Friday- we all arrived at camp and got our tents setup.  Everyone did great pitching in and helping everyone get their tents setup.  For many this was your first time.  As you camp more and more you will become better at it.  I think all the boys were in bed around 10 pm.

Saturday-  we were up bright and early for breakfast.  Troop 876 made us delicious breakfast burritos and Mr. Ezell was happy once he got his coffee!  After eating, we visited the wash station.  Scouts learned how to wash their dishes at camp (hey mom and dad.....they can help clean the kitchen now!).  After breakfast, we began our activities.
  • BB Guns was our first stop- everyone did well and listened to all of the safety precautions.  This was something all the boys were looking forward to.  While they were having fun, they were also learning the importance of responsibility and constantly thinking about their actions.
  • Fire Building- our second stop was a competition to see who could build a fire the fastest that burned through a string.  For many of our Webelos, this was a first time experience for them.  They were provided some basic guidance and then I let them try, so they could practice team work and leadership.  Even when the other team beat them, I did not let them quit.  The Boys Scouts running the event and I stepped in and guided them further on how to successfully build the fire up so it would burn through the string.  The other team was good sports and came over to help them as well.
  • Egg Drop- they were given a bag of materials and tasked to build a contraption that would keep the egg from breaking when thrown up in the air.  Their first attempt, the egg broke.  However, this was a game of thinking outside of the box.  When prompted that they could use things they collected elsewhere besides what they were given, their second attempt was a success!
  • Barrel racing- after lunch our first activity was barrel racing.  Scouts were racing barrels through an obstacle course.  This was a problem solving activity on how to navigate the barrels around the activities.
  • Secret Message of Mafeking (marble/PVC pipe)- scouts were given various shaped PVC pipes and were tasked with moving a marble from start to finish using only those PVC pipes.  I sat back and let them try several times, despite some frustration by a couple.  This activity was all about team work and communication.  After several unsuccessful attempts, I jumped in to help them complete it so they could see how to successfully complete the activity.  The Boy Scouts even demonstrated another way to do it.
  • Human Fooseball- this was all about teamwork.  What happens if the other person holding the same "bar" of the fooseball court decides to go the opposite direction?  
  • Den name- at lunch I tasked Darren and Cody with getting the den together to come up with a den name.  This gave them the opportunity to practice leadership and followership.  I purposely took a step back and let them give it a try without my help.  Did it go as well as we (adults) would have wanted it to?  No!  However, if we jumped in from the beginning, they would not have learned these lessons.  At the end I helped guide them to a den theme (now they just have to refine it).
Learning didn't stop there.  We went to campfire Saturday night and just as both of our groups completed their skits, it started raining.  We rushed back to camp to get prepared for the rain that came down.  Every Scout and Parent worked around that obstacle magnificently!  This was a great lesson in being prepared.  A couple of adult tents got wet inside pretty significantly (window left open) and had to go home early, but I don't think that was a failure in any way.  Rather, that was a good learning opportunity on how to be better prepared next time and how to navigate the challenge in the future...parents you should be commended on the example you gave the scouts by having a positive attitude despite those difficulties!

Sunday- we packed up and left camp after a hearty breakfast of pancakes and sausage.  Everyone once again worked well together to breakdown camp and clean up any trash left behind.  Special thanks to Mr. Betancourt for helping with that so I could make it back in time for my worship services.

Don't forget to set those wet tents up to dry out so they don' t mildew/mold and create a nasty smell when you unpack it the next time.

Let's all register for CTX 2 and get out there camping again in November!  CTX 2 is a family event, so come on out!

Whittling Chip- October 16th

posted Oct 8, 2018, 6:52 AM by James Abolos   [ updated Oct 8, 2018, 6:53 AM ]

Dear Parents & Scouts,
The “Whittling Chip” is on the agenda for our upcoming Den Meeting on October 16th. This training, much like our BB Gun and Archery activities is designed to teach your Scout the importance of being responsible.  Responsibility is codified within our Scout Law: A Scout is....Trustworthy.....Obedient.

For this activity, your Scout will need to bring a small pocket knife for use during the Whittiling Chip Training. If you need to buy him one, then consider the following recommendations:
  • Blade must be 3 ½ inches long or less 
  • A simple Cub Scout knife IS recommended. It can have a locking blade or not. Locking blades are good, but depending on the knife, they be a problem for small hands to close safely. 
  • Fixed blade (Sheath) knives are NOT recommended because they can drop out of sheaths, or tilt and jab the wearer. 
  • Large Swiss army or multi-tools are NOT recommended because they are difficult for small hands to hold. Smaller Swiss army knives with only a few tools are perfectly fine and are good options.
  • You should also consider getting a small sharpening stone or other sharpening device.  Arkansas Stone
Here are 2 good options for Pocket Knives to purchase.  
A parent/guardian is required to attend Whittling Chip training with the scout to ensure rules are understood. At the completion of training your son will be given a “Whittling Chip” card - assuming you approve. This card must be carried by your scout whenever they are using their knife. Any leader, parent, or adult can ask for the Whittling Chip at any time a Cub Scout has a pocketknife in his possession. If the Cub Scout does not have the card in his possession, the knife will be collected and returned to the parent. A corner of the Whittling Chip card will be cut off for each violation of the rules. When the 4th corner is cut off, the card will be taken from the scout and the scout must go through training again, in order to receive a new card. The cutting of corners can be done by any adult who feel safety has been violated. For very serious infractions (such as threatening another scout), the card will be taken immediately and permanently. 

While I am sure some of you may be concerned with the idea of the boys carrying a pocketknife, this program is designed to teach knife safety. The class is important since most boys will use kitchen and other knives in the future. The actual Whittling Chip card will be given to the boys only with the parent’s approval at the end of the classes. 

Again you will ultimately have the final say at the end of class on whether your son carries a knife after the card is issued. If you have any questions or concerns about the class, please feel free to contact me. 


Webelos Woods Update

posted Sep 21, 2018, 8:36 AM by James Abolos   [ updated Sep 21, 2018, 8:50 AM ]

Just received a little more information regarding Webelos Woods.  Click Here, for information regarding the events we will be doing.  We will go over a lot of this information again during our den meeting.
As mentioned, we will be camping with Troop 876.  To make sure we are prepared to go camping, I have the following "homework:"
  • Confirmation of how many are camping (if you can't stay overnight, come out for the day!).  I need to know this no later than our Den Meeting on 9/25
  • Any food allergies you or your Scout might have, so Troop 876 can plan their meals accordingly
  • Completed  Medical Form Part A & B for everyone attending (note, Part C is not required for Cub Scout Activities).  Download the form here under the "Annual Forms" Section.
  • Completed Permission Slip for each Scout.  Download the form here under the "Annual Forms" section
  • Adults camping with us need to complete the online Youth Protection Training.  This takes about 1 hour to complete.  Visit the Youth Protection & Leader Training section of our website for more information and how to access the training.
  • Have a list of camping equipment needs, we always do our best to locate loaner equipment for you, if needed.
  • For our Female Webelos Scouts, we require a minimum of one female leader to attend.  This is to comply with BSA Youth Protection policies.

I am super excited about the Camping Experience!  I hope every one of you can come!

Webelos Woods!

posted Sep 18, 2018, 6:55 AM by James Abolos   [ updated Sep 18, 2018, 7:03 AM ]

"The open-air is the real objective of Scouting and the key to its success." Lord Baden-Powell

Another way to put this, Scouting is 75% Outing!!!!  

Our very first camping adventure is right around the corner!  In just a little over 2 weeks, we will be descending on Camp Wisdom for a weekend full of fun.
We have a lot of new Families that have joined our den this year and who have never camped with us.  Perhaps some of you have never camped at all?  No worries!!!!  We will get you ready to have a great time!

For our next Den Meeting on 9/25, I am going to change our plans a little bit.  We will put the "Fix It" adventure on hold until October, so we can get everyone ready for Webelos Woods.  

What is Webelos Woods?  Webelos is an opportunity to camp with a Boy Scout Troop to learn from older, more experienced Scouts and to see the Boy Scouting Program in its true setting....the outdoors!  Typically, the Boy Scouts will have activities planned for us, centered around a theme.  

When is it?  October 5-7.  We will leave after school and return Sunday morning.  Times and meeting location TBD by Troop 876.

Host Troop?  We will be hosted by Troop 876.  Several of our former Pack members have joined this Troop.  Michael Valtierra (Troop 876 Committee Chair) is a former Pack member and Edgar Betancourt (Pack 693 Trainer) has 2 boys in Troop 876 and is an Assistant Scoutmaster.  To learn more about the Troop visit their website.  The host troop will be cooking for us as well.  Parents, expect to eat well this weekend!

Where is it?  Webelos Woods will be held at Circle Ten's Camp Wisdom 

Boy Scouts Camp Wisdom

How much?  Due to successful fundraising in the past, Pack 693 is able to cover the registration fees and costs for our Webelos Scouts to attend.  Please be sure to support our Popcorn Fundraiser so we can continue to provide this opportunity to our Scouts in the future.

Do Parents Need to Attend?  So long as Scouts are well-behaved, generally parents do not need to attend Webelos Woods.  However, it is a great idea to come if you can, so you can see what goes on in scouting and to meet the troop.   With the awesome growth we have had, I do need to have at least 1 additional den parent attend, for both YPT and safety purposes.  Cubmaster Sarah will be coming out for the Day on Saturday.  Side note, since this is a Webelos Only event, this policy is different from pack camp outs (such as CTX2 in November), where we require all parents to attend with their Scout.  

Are Siblings Allowed?  For this event, siblings who are not registered Webelos Scouts (4th or 5th grade) are not allowed to attend.  This being a Webelos Only event, means it is slightly different than most of our Pack events.  For our Pack Events such as CTX2 in November, the entire family is invited to camp with us.

What do I need?  We have put together a list of supplies needed for 1st time campers on our website.  Click Here for the list.  Don't have the gear? I am making a slight change to our schedule for next Monday.  We will be going over needed gear and camping info to get everyone ready.  Typically we can over suggestions to replace gear with things you have at home and/or find gear that you can borrow from someone.  We will do our best to get you gear so you can come enjoy the weekend!  

Required forms:  Medical Form Parts A & B (both adults and youth) and Permission Slip.  These forms can be found on our website here under the Annual Forms section.  All adults attending must have completed the Youth Protection Training course within the last 2 years.  If you have not completed this, you can do this online here.

What Do I need to Do?  Let John know if your Scout is attending and if a parent will be attending with him or her.  Email me at committeechair@pack693.org.


Fix It Homework

posted Sep 12, 2018, 12:55 PM by James Abolos

Hey Webelos Den!  Our Adventure we started working on last night has a little bit of homework to work on before the next meeting.  This shouldn't take very long at all.  


First Webelos Adventure- Fix It

posted Sep 4, 2018, 8:59 AM by James Abolos

Webelos Parents! 

We are going to start off with a fun hands on Adventure to get everyone involved.  We will be working on the "Fix It" adventure. 
This adventure will help Scouts develop their motor skills and increase their knowledge of tools and safety procedures. Each Scout will gain the confidence needed to react properly and help out if certain home or auto repairs are needed.

 • Home repair knowledge and skills
 • A Scout is helpful.

For our meetings this month wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty!

Meeting #1- September 11th:
  • Requirement #1. Put a Fix It Toolbox together. Describe what each item in your toolbox can be used for. Show how to use three of the tools safely.  Parents bring some handtools from home that you have for this. Examples might be a hammer, screwdriver, tape measure, pliers, hand saw, etc.  
  • Requirement # 3. Describe to your Webelos den leader how to fix or make safe the following circumstances with help from an adult: a. A toilet is overflowing. b. The kitchen sink is clogged. c. A circuit breaker tripped, causing some of the lights to go out.
  • Requirement #4 Let’s Fix It. Select and do eight of the following. You will need an adult’s supervision for each of these Fix It projects:
    • g. Check the oil level and tire pressure in a car 
    • h. Show how to replace a bulb in a taillight, turn signal, or parking light, or replace a headlight in a car.
    • i. Help an adult change a tire on a car.
    • I will need parent help to have a rotation going for these, so we can get all of these finished.
Meeting #2- September 25th:

  • Requirement # 4. Let’s Fix It. Select and do eight of the following. You will need an adult’s supervision for each of these Fix It projects:
    • a. Show how to change a light bulb in a lamp or fixture. Determine the type of light bulb and how to properly dispose of it.
    • c. Tighten a loose handle or knob on a cabinet or a piece of furniture.
    • j. Make a repair to a bicycle, such as adjusting or lubricating the chain, inflating the tires, fixing a flat, or adjusting the seat or handlebars. Bring your bike if you have one and we will go outside and work on them.
    • q. Change the battery in a smoke detector or a carbon monoxide detector, and test its operation.
Sometimes an adventure, by their nature will require a little bit of "homework"  This is easy stuff and shouldn't take long at all!  Just let me know when you do this, we work on the honor system.
  • Requirement #2. Be Ready. With the help of an adult in your family, do the following (let me know if you have any questions about where these are located and I can help): 
    • a. Locate the electrical panel in your home. Determine if the electrical panel has fuses or breakers. (usually in garage or laundry room)
    • b. Determine what sort of fuel is used to heat your home (most homes around this area are Natural Gas, Apartments tend to be Electric). 
    • c. Learn what you would do to shut off the water for a sink, a toilet, a washing machine, or a water heater. If there is a main shut-off valve for your home, show where it is located.  (if you live in an apartment, you probably won't have access to the main shut-off)
  • Requirement # 4. Let’s Fix It  (Pick one of these items below):
    • b. Fix a squeaky door or cabinet hinge. (WD-40 usually fixes this right up!)
    • e. Replace a furnace filter. (simple to do!)
    • f. Wash a car. (win for you as the parent!)
    • If you look in the book, there are other options- I listed what I felt were capable to be done for all skill levels.  However, you can pick any of the ones we did not do in a meeting.

Webelos Woods

posted Sep 4, 2018, 8:41 AM by James Abolos

As Webelos, we get to do more camping.....YAY!!!!!

Our very first camping opportunity is coming up October 5-7th at Camp Wisdom.  We will plan to camp alongside Troop 876 and our Arrow of Light Den (5th Graders).  This is a great time for Scouts and Parents to see how Boy Scouts Camp.  Look for more information to be communicated via email and at Den Meetings, but for now mark your Calendars!

If you don't have any camping equipment, please let me know.   We can usually ask around to find you loaner equipment and the pack usually has 1 or 2 tents that can be used as well.

Never been camping before?  No worries!  We will make sure you have a great time and are Prepared!


posted Aug 6, 2018, 9:39 AM by James Abolos

I am excited to start our upcoming 2018-2019 Scouting season.  As Webelos we have a lot of new adventures we get to participate in this year.  One of those things is more camping!  YAY!!!!!

  • Mark your calendars for Webelos Woods October 5th-8th at Camp Wisdom.  We will be joining up with a local Boy Scout Troop to see how they camp!
  • We will then camp with Pack November 9th-11th for CTXII at Texas Motor Speedway.  I was able to go 3 years ago and it was a blast!  There were more things to do than possible in one day and the closing ceremony and fireworks show was spectacular!
  • In the Spring- we will again camp with the Pack at Camp Wisdom- April 5th-7th.  Our highlight of this event will be launching our Model Rockets.
  • Finally- We will go to Webelos Resident Camp!  This is the last time our den will get to go to Resident camp, but it is sure to be a memorable 3 days at beautiful Camp James Ray on the shores of Lake Texoma.

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